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Post by SDR_Liquid_Wrath on Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:50 pm

Hey guys -- Tonight I ventured and twisted up Chicken cordon bleu, and kicked it up a notch. The directions are wordy since I didn't measure etc but you can get the idea and season to taste.

Take a fresh chicken breast and trim all fats etc off. Then butterfly the meat. Leave the cut side up. Liberally apply Montreal Chicken Seasoning to the entire cut side of the meat. Then grind in a few cranks of fresh ground pepper. And dash a touch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Use your knife and cut thin slits to allow seasoning to get deeper into the meat. ONLY cut the slits on the cut side of the meat. Take the side of the knife and press in all of those ingredients so they are firmly implanted.

Heat a small skillet with just a touch of EVOO in it until hot. Preheat oven to 450. Soak 4 toothpicks in water.

Put your chicken breast in, cut side down. Now add just a small bit of Montreal Chicken Seasoning to the back of the meat. Continue cooking on this side until it begins to brown, then reduce heat to med - med/high and flip the meat. You want to continue cooking and flipping until the meat is almost completely cooked, don't worry you wont likely dry out the meat. (Unless you start smashing it, lol.) Once it is almost done, close the meat up and allow the bottom to cook a bit longer and brown the meat. DO NOT COOK FULLY. You want to finish cooking in the oven so leave a thin pink layer in the middle.

Remove chicken from skillet and "open" it back up. Now take a deli sliced piece of Hard Salami, and cut it in half. Place both slices of it it on the bottom half of the chicken, then add some fresh or smoked mozzarella on top of the salami. (I think you could also add a slice of mushroom here and it would be delectable, but I did not.) Top the mozzarella with a 1/4 crank of freshly ground sea salt, then close the chicken as if it were sandwich bread and you just made a cheese and salami sandwich. Now press the closed "sandwich" tightly and insert the toothpicks to hold it closed. Place on a raised rack over a cookie sheet.

Shake a bit of Lowery's seasoned salt on top of the chicken and then top with a slice of jalapeno. Then drizzle a teaspoon of EVOO over the top. * You can do this for as many people as you are serving... I only did two since it was me and my wife, but you could do 1, 2, 4, etc....*

Place in oven on the top rack, and cook 10 to 15 mins (depending on how long it needs to finish cooking). If all goes well, your salami should crisp up along the edges, your mozzarella should brown up where it is exposed and your chicken should be cooked fully and be quite juicy. If you are not confident in how well the chicken is cooked, check the temp and be sure to meet a minimum temp of 165.

*Pro Tip: If you are thinking of a side... Roasted Russet reds, after being boiled until soft, then heavily seasoned with your favorites like Garlic Salt, paprika, onion powder and oregano after coating in EVOO happens to cook up quite nicely at 450 for 15 mins... I think the same would be true if you elected to go more subdued and use a rosemary and thyme flavored potato.


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